French and Spanish Evening

The MFL team organised their first annual French and Spanish evening, after the successful Russian evening earlier this year.
Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The evening was full of entertainment. During the first half of the event, parents and students were able to walk about the events hall where students had various stalls such as the geography of French speaking countries, French perfumes, Spanish artist, Picasso and French sport, pétanque.

The second part of the event was dedicated to performances. We had over 60 students take part in various performances! They sang French songs, danced flamenco, and performed a small play in Spanish. Let’s not forget Rodion’s rap song in Spanish!

Year 5 and 6 were particularly active and present for the evening. The event ended with Year 5 singing along Tony Watkins with a song translated in French by Madame Duarte. A special thanks to all students involved, as well as our wonderful teachers Mrs Duarte, Ms Antoniou and Ms Diaz who helped put this wonderful event together.

Here is one student's view on the day:

Visitors to the French-Spanish evening began to arrive at 6pm and were greeted at the main door by Mr Storey. We were directed to the Ivan Gromov sports hall and given a programme. Soon after 6pm, the first part of the evening’s activities - the student-run language workshops - were well underway, and parents, students and teachers alike were encouraged to take part in games such as ‘Which perfume is which teacher’s favourite?’ and ‘Which Russian words came from French words?’.

As the first half drew to a close, the lights dimmed and people settled down with food from both France and Spain; crepes, for example, were wildly popular. A spotlight was turned on and Mr Armand welcomed guests before inviting the first of the performers onto the stage. Over the course of the evening, French songs were sung, a Spanish play was put on about animals and a young Flamenco dancer gave Mr Parker a run for his money! Overall, a great success for the Languages Department and an enjoyable evening for all!