ISM’s Got Talent

ISM opened the second academic term with the annual ‘ISM’s Got Talent’ show, hosted in all three campuses.
Friday, February 2, 2018
Excitement had been building for several weeks before the main date with the audition process. A record of more than 150 children across all campuses took part in the auditions with only 48 qualifying for the ultimate challenge, the ‘ISM’s Got Talent’ Finale.

Krylatskoe Lower Campus
On the afternoon of Tuesday the 30th of January, the whole of Lower Campus gathered together, along with many parents and sixteen contestants, in anticipation of this year’s Lower Primary ‘ISM’s Got Talent’.
It was a fabulous show that included dancing, singing, jokes, magic, drumming, violin, recorder and piano playing. The show started in a packed Lower Campus gym with a fabulous cross-campus performance from Jessica (2B) and Sina (4C), who danced to ‘Hit the Road Jack’. The audience, which included some of the youngest children in the school, went wild and the stage was set for a wonderful afternoon’s entertainment.

The hosts, Liza and Vivi from 3A, set the tone for a fun packed show with their own jokes and even a song. Liza and Vivi introduced act after act, from Andrey in 2A on the drums to Sofia in 1B with her lovely traditional dance. Then it was time for the judges to retire and count up the scores. Mr Noack announced the top three performances:

3rd place - Karim, excellent hip hop dance.
2nd place - Lila, highly amusing poem about life at ISM.
1st place - Dennis, singing and dancing rendition of the cult classic ‘Ghostbusters’.

Krylatskoe Upper Campus
On the afternoon of Wednesday the 31st of January, Upper Primary hosted the annual ‘ISM’s Got Talent’ show. Sixteen children passed the rigorous audition process and entered the final of the show. Mihael Perencevic and Darina Gencheva were the hosts. They did an amazing job and made the audience laugh on several occasions with their witty introductions.

The show consisted of contemporary hip-hop dances and more traditional dance, including jazz and ballet. High-quality instrument playing on the trumpet, recorder and piano were displayed during the show with tremendous confidence. A magician confidently tricked the audience and left them guessing how he was making things disappear. Several singers were involved in the concert as soloists, duets and groups. An emotive monologue and an original modern retelling of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ completed the eclectic line-up of the show.

Whilst the adult and House Captain judges were totalling the scores, Sanna Soestenboe from Year 13 performed two songs to a rapturous reception! After much discussion, the judges announced the results:

3rd place - Sophia Sudakova, Hip-Hop dance.
2nd place - Amina Alzhanova & Sofia Musakhanova, Modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet.
1st place - Arina Sharova with Beyonce’s ‘Running’.
From hula-hooping to breakdancing, singing in French to rapping, this year’s Talent Show had it all. Students from Year One to Year Six all bravely auditioned for the event and the teachers were blown away by the talent and variety of performances each student contributed. Two students from each year group were selected to participate in a final performance in the Rosinka Theatre.

As the big day of the final arrived, excitement was running high as the theatre was decorated and set up in preparation for the acts to come. Parents of the finalists began to arrive and soon the theatre was buzzing with enthusiasm. The judges, Mr Keach, Mr Charlton and guest judge Eliška Mlatečková, took their seats and waited in anticipation for the first act.

This year, parents and Year 5 and 6 students took part in a new way of voting, using an application called ‘Seesaw’. While acts were performing, a photo of them appeared on the App. Students and parents were then invited to like and post a comment on the performers’ photo to say what they enjoyed the most about their performance.

The judges chose the winners in each year group and Mr Charlton announced the results:
Y1-2 Stephanie Dod, Hula Hoop.
Y3-4 Anastasiia Fridburg, Singing and playing piano.
Y5-6 Cocomi Ogawa, Piano.

Huge congratulations to all our contestants! What talented children we have here at ISM. We can’t wait to see the acts next year!