ISM's Very Own International Athlete

ISM is lucky enough to have an international athlete amongst its staff. Miss Nugent has represented Ireland at the ITU World Championships. She explains how she was able to compete as an international athlete.
Sunday, December 31, 2017

My first triathlon was in August 2015 with absolutely no experience in triathlons and I didn't know what to expect (wouldn't advise that to anyone!) I decided to get a coach and the following year competed in the Dublin Ironman 70.3 placing second in my age group - my goal for this race was to not come last. I didn't check the results and went home after the race and missed the awards ceremony so I didn't get my trophy and glassware.

My training for both the ironman and world championships was pretty tiring at times but I genuinely loved it. You do have to make a lot of sacrifices for triathlon, like any sport I guess. During the week there are a lot of late nights and the weekends consist of early mornings to get a three-four hour training session in. My weeks mostly consisted of one swim, one gym, three/four run and bike sessions, usually going for a run as soon as I finished my bike sessions. Brick sessions are very important in triathlon to ensure your legs will cope come race day. For me personally the hardest part is the swim, the starts are just madness - so many people and it's basically a human washing machine.

My result in the Dublin Ironman 70.3 meant I gained automatic qualification to represent Ireland in the ITU World Championships final in September. The lead up to the race and the race itself in Rotterdam was an amazing experience, one I will never forget. As of September I have turned my focus to track cycling in the hope of competing on the track one day.