Russian Evening

The MFL department will be holding a number of language evenings throughout this academic year.
Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Russian department was the first to hold a language evening on the 23rd November.

During the Russian evening, guests had a chance to complete a quest; an engaging and fun way to get a deeper understanding of Russian culture by trying to figure out Russian superstitions and what they might have meant. There was also a chance to challenge the parents’ Russian skills alongside their children, to play some tricky but amusing games, and even play mini-hockey against the bear. Furthermore, guests could get more familiar with traditional Russian cuisine and enjoy delicious Blini, widely popular and famous Russian pancakes, and even try tea from a well-known samovar. The food was certainly a highlight as, surprisingly enough, it was gone within an hour!

A splendid concert followed the activities where students performed what they have learnt in their classes with enthusiasm and pride. They entertained the audience with reading their own stories, reciting the poems, singing songs and role-playing real life situational dialogues in Russian.

It was a relaxing evening where everyone seemed to have a little bit of treat, fun and entertainment!