An Unusual Morning

As the Year 2 students approached their classroom on a normal Thursday morning, they noticed something strange that had happened.
Monday, March 26, 2018

Hanging from the door was red tape and a sign stating that there was no electricity in the classroom. The plugs in the classroom were taped over and students didn't know what to do.

Throughout the active morning, students took part in a range of activities in their classroom that had no electricity! They started their morning completing some ‘art in the dark’ paintings and produced some wonderful creations based on saving electricity. Some of these included wind farms, houses with solar panels and children turning off lights when they leave the room.

Following this, Year 2 students undertook a regular lesson but in the dark. They found it difficult to understand that they couldn’t use the projector and other electrical resources that are normally used in lessons at ISM. Children were forced to write by candlelight in order to view their work.

Year 2 finished off the morning by writing stern but fair letters to Mr Charlton informing him about the lack of electricity in the classroom and pressured him into correcting the problem as soon as possible.

It was a miracle to see the electricity switch back on at the end of the day! Year 2 certainly enjoyed their thought provoking morning and now think twice about using unnecessary electricity.