Community Initiatives

We feel very strongly that ISM children should become involved in the wider world and specifically learn to be proactive and make things better for all. Our school ethos and pastoral work underpins this. Additionally, as a school community we are active in supporting charitable organisations and achieving positive change.

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We support many local organisations and children and staff alike actively engage in raising money and awareness for them throughout each academic year. We support a local orphanage by actively engaging with children throughout each academic year. We have also raised money for Children in Need, The Japanese Tsunami Appeal and ARC by organising and supporting a variety of events including The ISM Music Marathon, The Annual Family Fun Day and the Bake, Bring and Buy sale.
Through our Donation Drives and Christmas Gift Giving, the children at ISM glean a greater understanding of how they can help those less fortunate than themselves and grow up with an understanding and commitment to citizenship both close to home and in a much wider context.